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Amazing Year: Looking Back & Moving Forward

Amazing Year: Looking Back and Moving Forward

By Alyssa Michelle Barrera – As the year comes to an end, we can reflect on the growth YBP has accomplished in 2015. It has been a tremendous year. We’ve continued to establish credibility in the community as a group of effective, genuine, and civic-minded residents. We have spent this year making our organization accessible and welcoming to newcomers, and creating a network that is both useful and impactful to our community. We are fortunate that you recognize this mission, and have elected to join our organization and further this cause.

As outgoing president, I could not be prouder of the progress we’ve made to evolve as an organization; from a new website, to the enhancements of all of our signature events, to the new Board structure we are adopting for 2016, YBP continues to become the group that our community needs to keep Corpus Christi moving forward. We have work to do. That is where you come in.

To be a part of this YBP legacy, all you need is commitment and a vision for a better community. If you show up with those two things, we will provide the opportunities to volunteer, network, learn, and develop into a true leader. While a YBP membership has plenty of professional benefits, my favorite benefit is how our organization spills over into civic engagement. What we do to make a living is so much more valuable when we can utilize those skills to benefit our community, in addition to our companies.

2016 comes with a new set of opportunities for our community and our organization. There will be calls for the young professional voice, and we hope to give you the opportunity to answer and represent our demographic. When the new president, Claudia Huerta, takes the reins, she will continue the tradition of excellence we maintained this year, set by previous presidents. Each president has written a new chapter. With my public administration experience, my priorities included creating sustainability for our organization, in addition to brand awareness. I am looking forward to seeing what Claudia authors for our community.

Before I sign off of this final “letter from your president,” I have two more housekeeping items. This week, you are being asked to vote on the YBP Leadership Team for 2016. Nominees submitted applications during the month of November, and voting will be open from December 8th through the 15th. If you are unsure who to vote for, take a look at each of the personal statements and see which one “speaks” to you. Also, starting in January, we will be hosting our Open Meetings at House of Rock, instead of the Woo Sung Lee Alumni Center. By hosting at a more central location with food and drink available, we hope to make your YBP meeting experiences more enjoyable. Additionally, we will be conducting Committee Meetings immediately after the Open Meeting, in order to balance our busy schedules. Meeting time will continue to be the second Tuesday at 6 PM.

And finally, please join me and the rest of the YBP at our annual Christmas Sweater Party at the Boathouse on December 11th. It will surely be a great time.

Thank you so much for allowing me to lead this organization. I hope you find YBP as impactful of an experience as I have.

Your President,

Alyssa Michelle Barrera

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