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New Year … New, Healthy You

New Year... New, Healthy You

Mammogram Gift Cards Give Gift of Good Health

As January approaches, the new year is often a time of reflection. It’s also a good time to re-evaluate – what is working, what isn’t – and implement change. Included in that list should be the ever-important health goals.

“People need to make routine screenings a priority – especially for women 40-years-old or approaching 40 – like getting an annual mammogram,” says Dr. Michael Michell, a radiologist with Radiology Associates and chairman of the company’s Breast Imaging Team.

He adds that the new year is an excellent time for this prevention conversation with your primary care physician. “I really want my female patients to start the conversation with their physician and understand that they are in an active partnership helping to make the most informed decisions about their health,” he adds.

Local physicians like Dr. Michell recommend an annual mammogram starting at age 40, or earlier if there is a history of breast cancer in the family.

All agree that early detection is the best defense against breast cancer, dramatically affecting treatment and survival rates. Statistics show that if cancer is found early enough while it is still small and before it has time to spread to lymph nodes, bones, and other parts of the body – the five-year survival rate is nearly 100 percent.

Dr. Michell is one of six of Radiology Associates’ 18 total radiologists who comprise its “Pink Dream Team” specializing in women’s imaging. Each year, the group interprets more than 30,000 mammograms.

In 2015, the company was the first in the Coastal Bend to offer three-dimensional mammography, the latest advancement in breast cancer detection in more than 30 years. The revolutionary diagnostic tool is done in conjunction with a traditional 2D digital mammogram. It creates a 3D reconstruction of the breast into one-millimeter slices.

And this holiday season, mammograms are easier than ever to get…and give. Radiology Associates offers a gift card program where friends and family are now able to purchase a mammogram for the favorite females in their lives.

“Gift cards are everywhere and can be purchased for virtually anything…so why not mammograms?” says Carmen Arias, Marketing Director of Radiology Associates.

Arias adds, “Many of our patients have told us they want to help the women they love, but didn’t know how. So we created an easy way to reach all women.”

“With a gift card this holiday season, we want more Coastal Bend women to get – and stay – healthy in the new year,” concludes Arias.

Mammogram Gift Cards for $89

Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at any one of Radiology Associates’ five locations and must be accompanied by a doctor’s order.

To schedule your mammogram, please call Radiology Associates at (361) 887-7000.

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