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YBP is getting teams together for Beach to Bay – Deadline: April 7

This year, we hope to have at least two YBP teams participate in Beach to Bay on May 21st. The Beach to Bay Relay Marathon is the United States largest relay running event, attracting competitive runners from as far away as Canada, Africa and Mexico. It is held on “Armed Forces Day” honoring our nation’s military personnel. 
YBP will sponsor $100 total.  If there are only enough runners for one team, then they would get $100 and have to split the rest of the total cost.  If there are two teams, then each gets $50 and the runners split the rest of the cost. Beach to Bay is a relay marathon and there are six people to a team.
Each team will need one team leader. It is a complete 26.2 point-to-point relay route, beginning on North Padre Island, winding through Naval Air Station Corpus Christi and ending at McCaughan Park along Corpus Christi’s scenic downtown. The course is divided into six-legs approximating 4.4 miles. The first leg is run on the beach and the remaining legs are run on pavement.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested in running on one of the YBP teams by e-mailing us at volunteer@ybpcb.com as the deadline to register is April 7th. For more information and race details, please visit www.beachtobayrelay.com.   

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